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The Highway Man

Well, this was different!

I pulled over at some random spot along eastbound U.S. Highway 2 just a few miles outside of Cut Bank, MT to fill a bottle with cold water from the cooler and take in the scenery around 9:30 am local time.

Cars are few and far between.

I suddenly see a guy in the near distance walking in my direction alongside the road wearing a fluorescent yellow vest and carrying a red flag. Just figured it was someone from a road crew going about his work and think nothing more of it.

A few minutes later he comes around the back end of the van, says hello and asks me where I’m headed. I say Cut Bank. Where you headed, sir? He tells me Seattle.

But I notice the guy is by himself with no truck or crew and I’m thinking dude has lost it. Then he hands me a brochure and says he’s raising awareness for childhood adoption. Glenn J. Koster, Sr. is his name and his “Charity Steps” activities are at The Prairie Tattler.

He’s already covered 3,700 miles on foot. Go Glenn Go!

By Juergen Barbusca